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Companies around the globe are embracing and adopting social media with various intentions: customer service, marketing, internal communication, public relations or corporate social responsibility. Social media has revolutionized corporate communication, rapidly changing the way that public relations campaigns or programs are distributed and measured. Rather than the traditional method of pure output, social media has forced corporate communication to shift to a dialogue in which the stakeholders, and not just the institution, have power over the message. Social media is a revolutionary communication tool that has quickly changed the ways in which public relations is practiced, becoming an integral part of corporate communication for many institutions. The main objective of this study was to examine how social media has influenced the practice of corporate communication in the Kenyan Judiciary. With specific reference to the utilization of social media as a corporate communication platform within the Judiciary, adoption of Judiciary‘s social media communication platforms among members of the public and the impact of integrating social media within the Judiciary‘s communication structure. Purposive sampling technique was used for the research. Questionnaires were administered to the litigants, directors and other judicial officers of the organization. Relevant literatures to the study were also considered. The data collected was analysed and presented in tables, graphs pie charts and frequency tables facilitated by Statistic Package for Social Science. The main results of the study indicated that through social media the Judiciary can reach most of its target audience and open up to the public providing a two way communication channel enabling its development and winning public trust. The study also revealed that the Judiciary can and should do more in bridging the gap between the institution and the public especially in the area of transparency and accountability. It is, therefore, recommended that for the Judiciary to improve on the effectiveness of its social media platform, the institution needs to totally embrace technology in most of its operations.

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