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The study sought to find out radio listenership among women in Kipkelion West Sub-county, to establish the choice of radio programs and stations that interests the women, to assess the preference of radio to other mass communication media among women and to find out the gratifications women seek to satisfy from listening to radio programs. The research was based on the theory of the uses and gratification which is concerned with what people do with the media rather than what media does to the people. The study adopted the descriptive survey research design and it used qualitative and quantitative methodology. Multi stage random sampling was used to select population of the study from the four wards. Convenience sampling was used to select 100 women who were involved in the study. A self-administered questionnaire and focus group discussions were used to collect data from the women. Quantitative data was analyzed using SPSS to generate quantitative reports through tabulations, percentages, and measures of central tendency. The data was presented in form of frequency distribution tables. Qualitative data was analyzed through content analysis. The data was presented in prose form. The study found that majority of the respondents indicated that they had radios in their households and they listen to it. The study also found out that Majority of the women listened to radio mostly in the evening and morning hours. Chamgei Fm was the most preferred radio station. News and agricultural programs were the most preferred programs. Finally the study found out that women listened to radio to be informed and entertained. This study concludes that radio is a very common communication channel among women and thus it should be well utilized by development practitioners. The study recommends that Radio programmers should schedule important programs or messages in the evening and early morning when listenership is high. Radio programs should be produced in an edutainment format and to enhance listenership of radio in this region it is necessary that the government enhances infrastructure such as electricity

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