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This study investigated the compliance of Daily Nation and The Standard newspapers to
professional requirements in publishing lead stories on their websites. The study hinged on three
objectives: to compare the lead online stories published by Daily Nation and The Standard based
on features of online journalism; to investigate the completeness of lead stories of the Daily
Nation and The Standard based on Mike Ward’s online journalism elements; and to examine the
quality of online lead stories based on Mike Ward’s elements of online journalism. The diffusion
of innovation theory developed by Everett Rogers in 1962 was used to inform the study. The
research utilized the qualitative research approach. The method used was case study. Moreover,
the population was restricted to the content of the Daily Nation and The Standard websites. The
research used purposive sampling technique, under the non-probability sampling methods. The
method of data collection was content analysis while the tool was Mike Ward’s tools of online
journalism. The research used thematic analysis, derived from themes based on Mike Ward’s
features of online journalism, which were presented using the narrative method. The study found
that reporters from both media organisations utilise most of the online journalism tools. Also, the
study found that participation between readers and reporters is prioritized. The research
recommended that journalists should stop overemphasizing on one type of multimedia and
ensure media that promote interactivity are maintained.

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