Mass Communication

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Mass Communication is a means of disseminating information or message to large, anonymous, and scattered heterogeneous masses of receivers who may be far removed from the message sources through the use of a mass medium.

Mass Communication can also be seen as a process by which a group of people working together transmits information to a large heterogeneous and anonymous audience simultaneously. It is a process by which information originates from the source to the receiver, having been thoroughly filtered and transmitted or disseminated through a mass medium like Radio, Television, Newspaper, internet and Magazine.



Sub Thematic areas in Mass Communication

- History of Mass Communication

- Mass  Communication Theory

- Mass Communication Research

- Media Law and Regulation

- Gender in Mass Communication

- Cultural Studies


Head of Mass Communication

Dr. Muiru Ngugi


Members of staff

Mr. Polycarp Ochilo


Ms. Joy Mueni


Mr. Sam Kamau


Mr. Mwenda Kilemi


Degree Programmes/Course Units

KCS 301         Introduction to Communication Research

KCS 303         Media and Entertainment Law

KPR 301         Principles, Practices and Theory of Public Relations

KPR 303         Public Speaking

KPR 305         Integrated Marketing Communication

KPR 307         Corporate Communication

KPR 309         Fundamentals of layout and design

KDC 405         Communication and Conflict

KCS 302         Communication Research

KPR 302         Public Relations Techniques

KPR 304         Principles of Advertising

KDC 411         Communication and Human rights

KPR 308         International Public Relations

KPR 310         Crisis Communication

KPR 312         Advertising Copy Writing and Consumer Behaviour

KPR 314         Print Media commercials production

KDC 405         Communication and Conflict

KPR 316         Industrial Attachment

KPR 401         Public Relations Management I

KCS 302         Management and Entrepreneurship

KPR 403         Photography for Public Relations

KPR 405         Industrial Relations

KPR 407         Ethics and Professionalism in Public Relations

KPR 409         Broadcast Commercials Production

KPR 411         Financial Public Relations

KPR 413         Lobbying

KPR 402         Public Relations Management II

KPR 404         Fundraising and Sponsorship

KPR 406         Project

KPR 408         Customer Relations

KPR 410         Media Relations

KPR 412         Case Studies in Specialised Public Relations

KPR 414         Public Relations for Government

KDC 422        Communication and Humanitarian issues


Possible Career Opportunities

- Reporters                                            

- Film Producers

- Sub-editors                                         

- Radio producers

- Researchers                                        

- Independent film producers

- Correspondents                                  

- Documentary makers

- Designers                                           

- Sports writers

- Photographers                                    

- Weather presentation

- Feature writers                                   

- Sports writers

- Magazines writers                              

- Voice-over narrators

- Radio reporters                                  

- Science writers                                   

- TV reporters   

- Anchors

- Continuity Announcers                      

- Dee jays                                             

- Advertising copy writer

- TV Producers                                     

- Branding Manager

- Video editors                                     

- Media manager

- Commercial advertising producer

- Facilities Designer

- Facilities Installation Technician

- Communication Equipment Seller

- Business Broker

- Video Conferencing Manager

- Regional Media Representative

- Satellite Broadcast Seller

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