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Broadcast is an academic discipline that deals with various theoretical, historical, and critical approaches to films.  Film studies is concerned with exploring the narrative, artistic, cultural, economic, and political implications of the cinema.  In searching for these social-ideological values, film studies takes a series of critical approaches for the analysis of production, theoretical framework, context, and creation. In this sense the film studies discipline exists as one in which the teacher does not always assume the primary educator role; the featured film itself serves that function. Television studies is an academic discipline that deals with critical approaches to television.


Sub Thematic areas in Broadcast

- History of Film

- Film Theory

- Features 

- Documentaries

- News Production

- Drama

- Soaps

- Film Criticism


Head of Broadcast

Dr. Edwin Nyutho


Members of staff

Dr. James Oranga


Mr. Mwenda Kilemi


Degree Programmes/Course Units

KCS 301         Introduction to Communication Research

KCS 303         Media and Entertainment Law

KJB 301          Broadcast News Production

KJB 303          Scriptwriting

KJB 305          Script Writing for Radio

KJB 307          Script Writing for Television

KJS 301          Reporting on Administration of Justice

KJS 303          Reporting on Sports

KJS 305          Business Reporting and Writing

KJS 307          Human rights Journalism                                   

KCS 302         Communication Research

KJB 302          Studio Equipment Operations

KJB 304          Radio News Programme Writing and Production

KJB 306          Television News Programme Writing and Production                

KJS 402          Investigative Journalism

KJB 308          Drama and Documentary Production

KJB 310          Advanced Broadcast Interviewing

KJS 302          Human Health Communication

KJS 304          Environmental Journalism

KJB 312          Industrial Attachment

KJB 401          Production Planning, Research and Management

KJB 403          Advanced Radio Production and Directing Techniques

KJB 405          Advanced TV Production and Directing Techniques

KJS 401          Online Journalism

KJB 407          Community Broadcasting, Operations and Management

KJB 409          Production for Children

KJB 411          Audio and Visual Animation

KJS 407          Media & Conflict resolution

KJS 309          Reporting on Science and Technology

KJS 405          Media and Gender

KJS 409          Reporting on ICTs

KJS 403          Reporting on Humanitarian issues

KCS 302         Media Management and Entrepreneurship

KJB 402          Station Management and Operations

KBP 302         Editing for Radio and Television

KJB 404          Project

KJB 406          Educational Broadcasting

KJB 408          Broadcasting in the Digital Interactive Revolution

KJB 410          Announcing and Presentation Techniques

KJB 412          Drama and Performing Arts

KJB 414          Religious Broadcasting

KJB 416          Broadcast Audiences


Possible Career Opportunities

- Reporters                                            

- Film Producers

- Sub-editors                                         

- Radio producers

- Researchers                                        

- Independent film producers                

- Documentary makers

- Designers                                           

- Photographers                                    

- Weather presentation

- Feature writers                                   

- Sports writers

- Magazines writers                              

 -Voice-over narrators

- Radio reporters                                  

- Science writers                                   

- TV reporters   

- Anchors

- Continuity Announcers                      

- Dee jays                                             

- Advertising copy writer

- TV Producers                                     

- Branding Manager

- Video editors                                     

- Placement Officer                                                                                          

- Media manager

- Commercial advertising producer

- Duplicator

- Marketer

- Facilities Designer

- Facilities Installation Technician

- Communication Equipment Seller

- Business Broker

- Video Conferencing Manager

- Regional Media Representative

- Consumer Electronic Seller

- Satellite Broadcast Seller

- Curator

- Theatre manager

- Actor

- Floor manager

- Lighting technician

- Beautician

- Simulator

- Tour guides

- Purchaser

- Performer

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