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Tue, 2016-12-06 15:17
Date: Tue, December 6, 2016 3:08 pm
Course Registration Procedure
Dear all,
On behalf of the Director, I wish to bring it to your attention that effective immediately, no student will be allowed to register for a course in second year before you complete courses for first year. Similarly, you will not be allowed to register for third year before you complete your second year courses or for fourth year before you complete your third year courses.
Completing means you have attended all classes as required, sat all your CATs as required and sat the final examination, and attained a grade. Failure to complete, for whatever reason, will result in your automatic prohibition from registering for a new academic year. Please take note. This requirement takes effect immediately.
From next semester, you will be required to print your complete registration form from the portal and have it signed by the registrar before you begin to attend class. If for whatever reason you have courses that you have not completed, or attained marks for, in your previous semesters or years, ensure you complete them before making your registration to a new semester.
Dr. James C.O. Oranga,
Lecturer of Journalism,
School of Journalism, University of Nairobi
P.O. Box 30197-00100,
Tel:+254 20 318262 (EXT 28328)/ 0718 230 468
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Fri, 2017-12-29 15:17
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