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Degree Type:BACHELOR
Degree Duration:4
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Level : 1
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
CCS001 Communication Skills45View Description
CCS008 Elements Of Philosophy45View Description
KCS101 Introduction To Communication Anthropology45View Description
KCS103 English For Journalists45View Description
KCS105 Kiswahili For Journalists45View Description
Semester: 2
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
CCS007 Science And Technology In Development45View Description
CCS009 Elements Of Economics45View Description
CCS010 Hiv And Aids Instructions45View Description
KCS102 Communication And Society45View Description
KCS104 Psychology Of Communication45View Description
KCS106 History Of Mass Communication45View Description
KCS108 Culture And Performing Studies45View Description
KCS110 Computer Applications45View Description
Level : 2
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
KCS201 Fundamentals Of Mass Communication45View Description
KCS203 Fundamentals Of Development45View Description
KCS205 Fundamentals Of Communication Theories45View Description
KCS207 New Information And Communication Technology45View Description
KCS209 Critical Thinking In Communication45View Description
Semester: 2
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
KCS202 Development Communication45View Description
KCS204 Fundamental Of Print Journalism45View Description
KCS206 Fundamentals Of Broadcast Journalism45View Description
KCS208 Fundamentals Of Public Relations Advertising45View Description
KCS210 Media Ethics45View Description
KCS212 Political Communication45View Description
Level : 3
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
KCS301 Introduction To Communication Research45View Description
KCS303 Media And Entertainment Law45View Description
KDC301 Organizational Communication45View Description
KDC303 Advanced Development Communication45View Description
KDC305 Communication Development Practice45View Description
KDC307 Gender, Communication And Development45View Description
KDC309 Intercultural Cross Cultural Communication45View Description
KDC311 Communication And Behaviour Change45View Description
KJB301 Broadcast News Production45View Description
KJB303 Scriptwriting45View Description
KJB305 Script Writing For Radio45View Description
KJB307 Script Writing For Television45View Description
KJP301 News Writing And Reporting45View Description
KJP303 Feature Writing45View Description
KJS301 Introduction To Communication Research45View Description
KJS303 Reporting On Administration Of Justice45View Description
KJS305 Business Reporting And Writing45View Description
KJS307 Human Rights Journalism45View Description
KJS309 Reporting On Science And Technology45View Description
KPR301 Princioles,practices And Theory Of Public Relations45View Description
KPR303 Public Speaking45View Description
KPR305 Intergrated Marketing Communications45View Description
KPR309 Fundamentals Of Layout And Design45View Description
Semester: 2
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
KBP302 Editing For Radio Television45View Description
KCS302 Communication Research45View Description
KCS304 Management And Enterprenuerships45View Description
KDC302 Infromation,education,communicatio-iecs45View Description
KDC304 Project Specialisations And Proposal Writing45View Description
KDC306 Statistical Methods45View Description
KDC308 Social Marketing45View Description
KDC310 Communication And Human Rights45View Description
KDC312 Health Communication And Development45View Description
KDC314 African Communications Systems45View Description
KDC316 Contemporary Issues In Communication45View Description
KDC316 Industrial Attchment90View Description
KJB302 Studio Equipment Operations45View Description
KJB304 Radio News Programme Writing Production45View Description
KJB306 Television News Programme Writing Production45View Description
KJB308 Drama And Documentary Production45View Description
KJB310 Advanced Broadcast Interviewing45View Description
KJB312 Industrial Attachment90View Description
KJP302 Photojournalism45View Description
KJP304 Editing And Desktop Publishing45View Description
KJP306 News Agency Reporting45View Description
KJP308 Reporting On Education45View Description
KJP310 Critical Review And Writing45View Description
KJP312 Industrial Attachment90View Description
KJS302 Human Health Communication45View Description
KJS304 Enviromental Journalism45View Description
KPR302 Communication Research45View Description
KPR304 Principles Of Advertising45View Description
KPR308 International Public Relations45View Description
KPR310 Crisis Communication45View Description
KPR312 Advertising Copy Writing And Consumer Behaviour45View Description
KPR316 Industrial Attchment90View Description
Level : 4
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
KDC401 Communication Policy I45View Description
KDC403 Monitoring And Evaluation Of Iec Programmes45View Description
KDC405 Communication And Conflict45View Description
KDC407 Communication And Conflict45View Description
KDC409 Communication And Technology45View Description
KDC411 Communication And Human Rights45View Description
KDC413 Health Communication And Development45View Description
KDC415 Political Communication And Development45View Description
KJB401 Production Planning Research And Management45View Description
KJB403 Advanced Radio Production And Directing Techniques45View Description
KJB405 Advanced Tv Production And Directing Techniques45View Description
KJB405 Advanced Tv Production And Directing Techniques45View Description
KJB407 Community Broadcasting Operation And Management45View Description
KJB409 Production For Children45View Description
KJB411 Audio And Visual Animation45View Description
KJP401 Advance Media Reporting And Editing45View Description
KJP403 Newspaper Management And Production45View Description
KJP405 Advanced Photojournalism45View Description
KJS401 Online Journalism45View Description
KJS403 Reporting On Humanitarian Issues45View Description
KJS405 Media And Gender45View Description
KJS407 Media And Conflict Resolution45View Description
KJS409 Reporting On Icts45View Description
KPR401 Public Relation Management 145View Description
KPR403 Photography For Public Relations45View Description
KPR405 Industrial Attchment45View Description
KPR407 Ethics And Proffesionalism In Public Relations45View Description
KPR409 Broadcast Commercials Production45View Description
KPR411 Financial Publi Relations45View Description
KPR413 Lobbying45View Description
Semester: 2
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
KDC402 Strategic Communication For Development Project45View Description
KDC404 Communciation Policy Ii45View Description
KDC406 Media Production Project Writing45View Description
KDC408 Communication Planning45View Description
KDC410 Project90View Description
KDC412 Participatory Communication Methods45View Description
KDC414 Media Diplomacy45View Description
KDC416 Communication And Sustaniable Developmant45View Description
KDC418 Communication,science And Technology45View Description
KDC420 Communication For Public And Private Sector Reforms45View Description
KDC422 Communication And Humanitarian Issues45View Description
KJB402 Station Management And Operations45View Description
KJB404 Project90View Description
KJB406 Educational Broadcasting45View Description
KJB408 Broadcasting In The Digital Interactive Revolution45View Description
KJB410 Announcing And Presentation Techniques45View Description
KJB412 Drama And Performing Arts45View Description
KJB414 Religious Broadcasting45View Description
KJB416 Broadcast Audiences45View Description
KJP404 Project90View Description
KJP404 Opinion And Editorial Writing45View Description
KJP406 Multi-media Graphics And Communication45View Description
KJP407 Magazine Writing ,editing And Production45View Description
KJP410 Public Opinion And Propaganda45View Description
KJS3402 Investigative Journalism45View Description
KJS402 Investigative Journalism45View Description
KPR402 Public Relations Management Ii45View Description
KPR404 Fundraising And Sponsorship45View Description
KPR406 Project90View Description
KPR408 Customer Relations45View Description
KPR410 Media Relations45View Description
KPR412 Case Studies In Specialised Public Relations45View Description
KPR414 Public Relations For Government45View Description
KPR422 Communication And Humanitarian Issues45View Description


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