Development Communication



Development Communication is the integration of strategic communication in development projects. Strategic communication is a powerful tool that can improve the chances of success of development projects. It strives for behavior change not just information dissemination, education, or awareness-raising. While the latter are necessary ingredients of communication, they are not sufficient for getting people to change long-established practices or behaviors.

When communication is used to promote social development. Systematically applying the processes, strategies, and principles of communication to bring out positive social changes called development communication. It is the art and science of human communication linked to a society's planned transformation from a state of poverty to one of dynamic socio-economic growth that makes for greater equity and the larger unfolding of individual potential.


Sub Thematic areas in Development Communication

- Health Communication

- Agricultural Communication

- Gender Communication

- Information, Education and Communication.

- Leadership and Communication

- Science Communication

- Environmental Communication


Degree Programmes/Course Units

KCS 301         Introduction to Communication Research

KCS 303         Media and Entertainment Law

KDC 301         Organizational Communication

KDC 303         Advanced Development Communication

KDC 305         Communication and Development Practice

KDC 307         Gender, Communication and Development

KDC 309         Intercultural and cross-cultural communication

KDC 311         Communication and Behaviour change

KJS 302          Communication Research methods

KDC 302         Information, Education, Communication – IECs

KDC 304         Project specializations and proposal writing

KDC 306         Statistical Methods

KCS  304        Management  and Entrepreneurship

KDC 308         Social marketing

KDC 310         Communication and Human Rights

KDC 312         Health Communication and Development

KDC 314         African Communications Systems

KDC 316         Contemporary Issues in communication

KDC 316         Industrial Attachment

KDC 401         Communication Policy I

KDC 403         Monitoring and Evaluation of IEC Programmes

KDC 405         Case Studies in Development Communication

KDC 407         Communication and Conflict

KDC 409         Communication and Technology

KDC 411         Communication and Human Rights

KDC 413         Health Communication and Development

KDC 415         Political Communication and Development

KDC 402         Strategic Communications for Development Projects

KDC 404         Communication Policy II

KDC 406         Media Production Project Writing

KDC 408         Communication Planning

KDC 410         Project

KDC 412         Participatory Communication Methods

KDC 414         Media Diplomacy

KDC 416         Communication and Sustainable Development

KDC 418         Communication, Science and Technology

KDC 420         Communication for Public and Private Sector reforms

KDC 422         Communication and Humanitarian Issues


Possible Career Opportunities

- Behavior Change expert

- IEC consultant

- Development worker

- Health communication expert

- Crisis communication consultant

- Systematizer of development

- Conflict manager

- Community development

- Entrepreneurship trainer

- Translator

- Inter-cultural expert