Impact Farm: A UoN Students’ Innovation Wins USD 1000

April 8, 2022:  Impact Farm, an innovation by a team of UoN students from the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, emerges at the top of the EAC Digital Innovation event.

Impact Farm is an agricultural-oriented business aimed at providing cold storage solutions for farmers for as low as Ksh 50 daily to reduce post-harvest loss.

Team Integrity, the new Faculty leaders

March 29, 2022:  The University of Nairobi held its Faculty and Campus Students Association (FCSA) annual elections. The elections were held virtually on Friday March 25th, 2022.

There were three teams competing for FCSA office in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences FOASS; Team Success, Team Okuz and Team Integrity.

Team Integrity took the lead with a total of 1361 votes followed closely by Team Okuz with 1179 votes. The incoming Chairperson representing FOASS in FCSA is Peter Nguka.